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    I worry about the coyotes and eagles. I keep saying our little dogs are going to end up coyote or eagle poop someday. Fortunately the yotes mostly stay in the woods up on the hill and the eagles have plenty of fish and other woodland critters to eat. We have lots or deer and countless lots of turkeys in the woods. We had one turkey invasion at Sue's feeders a few years back but I put a stop to it.

    Turkeys 2 copy.jpg

    I bought this sign and put it up at the front fence and so far they haven't returned! True Story!

    No Turkeys.png


      Wow! That's some wierd stuff from you folks. But it is all good. We once had a fox squirrel get so friendly with us that he would climb up my blue jeans to get a peanut I was holding for him. But even though I have hand fed racoons and squirrels, I don't recommend that any of you try to do it. Too much danger. Our fox squirrel bit right through my Dad's thumb one day when our dog barked and it startled the squirrel and then he did what wild animals do when they get startled. So we stopped the hand feeding after that. Wild animals are best kept at a distance, even if they do become comfortable with you.