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    Grab-A-Gun shipped the Stribog quickly and I was able to pick it up at my FFL yesterday. It came in a nice black plastic molded case with 2 magazines. The case must look professional .... I was able to walk in the house with it while Sue was watching and she didn't say a thing. I figure she didn't know it was a new gun and just thought it was a briefcase!


      Here is a picture with the SB brace!


        I took it to the range today. Looks like there will be a break in period. I shot 140 rounds of 115 Gr, 9mm and I had 8 - 10 combined Failure to Eject and Failure to feed. Not sure if it is the extractor or it could be the ammo. I was shooting Georgia Arms, Canned Heat. I don't have much experience with that and it is possible the Stribog doesn't like it.

        On the plus side it seems fairly accurate and pretty easy to handle with the SB brace. I kept the bolt on the left side and it "nudged" my thumb a couple of times. I'm going to switch it to the right side when I clean it tonight. I like the ambi controls. Mag release, slide release, and safety are all ambi. I put on a Bushnell Red Dot and I can still use the peep sites thru the optics.

        I think I am going to like it when the bugs get worked out. Next I need to look for a 9mm can and it could be a go to home defense gun.


          I got the Stribog back to the range today. After my last range trip with the problems I gave the extractor extra care cleaning. I loaded up all the mags with Speer Lawman 115 grain FMJ. 140 rounds fired. Zero problems. I am going to chalk the problem up to the Georgia Arms Canned Heat. I will only use that for range ammo when I want to "practice" malfunction drills. Next range trip I plan to test some HP ammo to see how ir performs. I had moved the bolt to the right side and I like it there. No chance of bruising my left thumb. I was shooting from 35 - 40 yds using the red dot sights - double taps, alternating targets that were spaced 6' apart, and just blasting away for break in and function testing and I kept them all on paper. I'm thinking it is a pretty good mid-range weapon ... 25 - 75 yds.

          On another note I also brought the Colt 38 Super to the range. 80 rounds of Aguilla 130 grain FMJ - Zero Problems. A good day for both guns!

          I need to get to the range more. I am noticeably rusty. I could blame it on the Colt's white dot front site. I greatly prefer fiber optic front sites .... but I haven't shot IDPA for 2 summers and it shows. I have plenty of ammo .... I just need to take time to practice.


            I thought I wanted a Stribog until I saw the CZ Scorpion.