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A Late Thought

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    A Late Thought

    I wrote this a few years ago, and think about it on Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. I've posted it here before, but thought I would share it again.

    Thanks again to all who have served.

    A man stood in his bunker
    covered from head to toe
    in dirt, blood and grime
    what else, only God could know
    half his body struck by hunger
    the other half by fatigue
    but he keeps on going
    being all that he can be
    half a world away from his mother
    his father and his lover
    but he is not alone
    but with his sisters and his brothers
    One might think to ask him how
    he can handle such a feat
    but he'd reply simply
    even guardian angels need to sleep
    and so he relieves them of their post
    so they can get some rest
    knowing their being replaced
    by nothing but the best.
    trained to fight and trained to kill
    but most importantly to guard
    the lives of those around them
    and those living in his heart

    Re: A Late Thought

    That is really nice John!
    Certified Armed infidel!!


      Re: A Late Thought

      Certified Armed Infidel

      Come to the edge," he said.
      "We can't, we're afraid!" they responded.
      "Come to the edge," he said.
      "We can't, We will fall!" they responded.
      "Come to the edge," he said.
      And so they came.
      And he pushed them.
      And they flew.