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R.I.P. crashresidue

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    R.I.P. crashresidue

    Dear Members:

    One of our long time members and friends, crashresidue has passed away. The information that we received was that his passing at Maui Memorial hospital occurred during surgery required from a lengthy illness. His humor, offering of knowledge, funny rants and his signature, "I wish you all gentle winds" will be missed by those of us who knew him. Gentle winds forever and rest in peace, crashresidue.
    Below are a few post from Bersa Chat that venture into his dry humor.

    "Life is short - pull pitch!"
    During a thread on beer;
    Ok, guess I'm the only AA member kicked out in this crowd. I'm doing gin and tonics, as needed for sleep.
    Just remember
    a "rut" is nothing but a grave with the ends kicked out!
    His view on PTSD;

    I mourn, but cannot grieve.
    I weep, but do not cry.
    I smile, but have no laughter.
    I stand isolated, but am not alone.
    I can face the world, but not the “Wall
    A memory from his past shared by a few veterans here on Bersa Chat;
    Cheers all,

    Tomorrow morning, one month and 40 years ago - my HAPPY a** got on the "freedom bird" and I took off for the "Land of the BIG Px", flush toilets and round eyed women.

    To greet me were hundred or maybe thousands of students from Berkley - yelling and screaming their "delight." Or was it ranting? I forget! They were sooo excited that they were literally foaming at the mouth - I mean where else could have all that slobber, that covered us from head to toe, come from ?

    And then there were the local police - they were so friendly, they only called me "baby killer" a couple of times.

    What great times!!! Just thought I'd share.

    Gentle winds, ya'll
    Yes we will miss you. R.I.P.
    In memory of our Founder, Michael T. June 15, 1946 - February 26, 2017

    Re: R.I.P. crashresidue

    Gentle winds Russ.
    "The kindest, most sensitive guy on the entire internet."


      Re: R.I.P. crashresidue

      Gentle winds my friend, I miss you. Rest in peace..


        Re: R.I.P. crashresidue

        God bless and fair winds
        if you can read this thank a Teacher
        if it's in English thank a VET


          Re: R.I.P. crashresidue

          Rest in peace crash. Your on your final flight plan.


            Re: R.I.P. crashresidue

            You have earned your eternal rest.

            RIP crashresidue,
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              Re: R.I.P. crashresidue

              even though i did not know him, may he R.I.P !!! GOD SPEED..
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                Re: R.I.P. crashresidue

                The demons are forever laid to rest and crash is at peace. Gentle winds crash, you're getting some serious altitude now!
                Don't worry about the guns, send lawyers and money.

                “The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident, which everyone has decided not to see.”
                Ayn Rand


                  Re: R.I.P. crashresidue

                  cr, I hope that you're now able to find the peace that you've been seeking, for such a long time. You will be greatly missed, my friend.
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                    Re: R.I.P. crashresidue

                    Gentle winds crash I will miss you PM rants .
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                      Re: R.I.P. crashresidue

                      We were blessed to have you on Bersa Chat CR. Rest in peace.
                      "Deus vult!"

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                        Re: R.I.P. crashresidue

                        I will miss a patriot. Peace CR
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                          Re: R.I.P. crashresidue


                          Long story short, jab is a male.
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                            Re: R.I.P. crashresidue

                            I'm sadden to hear of this news. Thank you, R.C. for this update on the passing of a True Original...

                            Godspeed to his friendly & friends
                            “Big bullets let in a lot of air and let out a lot of blood.”
                            Elmer Keith


                              Re: R.I.P. crashresidue

                              RIP Crash. Gentle winds, sir.