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Thanksgiving Turkey 2020

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    Thanksgiving Turkey 2020

    R.C.'s Turkey Brine.

    In a one gallon jug

    Two cups brown sugar
    One cup kosher salt
    Two cups fresh orange juice
    Two cups fresh apple juice
    One tsp minced garlic
    One tsp of onion powder
    One tsp of Old Bay
    One quarter cup Louisiana hot sauce
    One full sprig of fresh Rosemary

    Top jug up with fresh water. No chlorine!
    Shake well refrigerate. Shake every six to eight hours if sediment shows on bottom.

    Make brine one day before you brine your turkey.

    I recommend you always spatchcock your turkey for even temperature when cooking.
    The whole object of spatchcocking is to get even heat across the whole bird, that way your breasts come out nice and juicy and not overcooked and dry.

    Brine the spatchcocked turkey for 13 hours. I used foodgrade bags and poured the one gallon of brine in it. You need to cover the whole bird. Just add more water if needed.

    Rinse well and pat dry. Season the skin (your favorite seasoning is fine)

    Cook at 250* for 3.5 hours or until the the breast hits 165* I lightly smoked mine with maple wood.

    The legs below pulled from the bird when I lifted it off the grate.

    From the the Mother-Ship via Tapatalk.

    In memory of our Founder, Michael T. June 15, 1946 - February 26, 2017


    No soak just cleaned and dried and rubbed with real butter and added coating of Gobblin’ Good Turkey Rub last night. He was too big to put on my egg vertically so set a big drip pan on diffuser full of beer and wine, laid a grate on the pan and put the bird on the grate. Used a few sugar maple chunks as told here and cooked at 300 until breast was 170. Am passing out in my chair writing this. Really good with some oyster dressing, green bean casserole and cranberry jello salad. Gota wait a bit, take a walk and top off with real mince meat pie!!!!!! Just the two of us but we made most of it.

    Happy thanksgiving all.

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