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    BOB / GHB

    With spring uppon us , now is a good time to check through our BOB's and GHB's to set it up for hot weather . Also check the food and water that you have to replace it .
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    My BOV is still under construction.

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      Pardon my ignorance....

      What is a BOB?
      What is a GHB?
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        BOB = Bug Out Bag

        GHB = Get Home Bag
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          hmmm... never thougth about it....
          maybe I should..........

          What kinds of things do you guys put in there?


            My GHB is a small backpack that has a poncho, water purification tabs , coffee filters , sheath knife , 550 cord , disposable lighter , LED flashlight with extra batteries , 1 qt water bottle , high energy food that I can eat on the go without cooking / heating . a couple of the large contractors trash bags . I also have a FRS/GMRS radio that I will use to signal my wife that I am close to the house so she dosn't shoot me . I also have a 1 gal jug of water that like the food gets changed out every couple of months. The water is treated with a few drops of unsented Clorox bleach . I also have a small butpack with an extra mag for my 9mm and a box of ammo .
            All this is designed to get me home ASAP . I have about 20 miles from work to my house providing that I'm not off on business .
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              i read some forums about things like this. me i think i would stand my ground, cant think of a place to go there there wont be 100 others going to the same place. im to to run lol so i guess ill stay at my apartment.


                I live in the country , I'm not planning on going anywhere . My problem is getting home.
                Thunderbutt , you hit the nail on the head about staying home . If you bug out and don't have a place to go , then you are a refugee.
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                  GHB Mason has a special one it has phone numbers and address of over 100 special houses on way to his home. Those twins live at 3 rd stop. He will be fed and treated like a King all the way home Then the FXW Queen will fix his wagon. Spanking machine for a week. King or not He will once more learn who is the BOSS
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                    GHB is in the car at all times. It occasionally gets raided for emergency supplies while camping with the Boy Scouts, but gets replenished regularly. Now the BOB needs some work. It WAS pretty well stocked, but needs to be refreshed. Thanks for the reminder.
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                      Cell phone

                      I don't know what yall think but last thanksgiving i was at best buy and they had a sale if you bought anything then they gave you a prepaid cell phone for a buck with 15 bucks airtime. I paid in cash so they are not traceable and all you do is activate them when you need it, i tried one took about three minutes. might be a good idea for a bob


                        I live in Wyoming - my whole vehicle is a "GHB". Special with the work I do, the miles I travel. Every time I leave the house my planning is I expect to spend at least one (if not more) night in the truck. Getting home is a nice "surprise"!

                        And cell phones? No way. If SHTF, that's one of the FIRST things that'll fail and be un-usable. EVERYONE, their dog, their family, their friends and all the CNN reporters outside the area that can find the number of someone 'in the zone' will be trying to call. Cell systems simply are not designed for such volumes. Count on the cell system collapsing even in minor or low intensity situations. (like "inclement weather" events)

                        GMRS/FRS - may be a tad better, but definitely a tactical comms solution (no range or out of channel ability)
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