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    New backpack

    This morning I was in Kmart, yes there are a few left. While walking past sporting goods I saw a shelf of clearance items. On the shelf was a black what the kids recognize as a "bookbag" type backpack. This one was probably the best small backpack I have seen in a long time, it was a real nice build quality with heavy materials, this one was built to outlast a kid at school all year. For $6 it was a steal so I grabbed it up, if they had another I would have gotten it too.

    My plans are to add it to my car kit as an additional carry bag for one of us. Then during hunting season I will remove it and use it for hunting. It should provide a really nice dual purpose kit bag.

    Keep an eye out for clearance items which could be repurposed and used to your advantage.

    Well.......sometimes you just get lucky.
    Certified Armed Infidel