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    Got out the bread machine and carefully measured all the ingredients. Set it to going and in 3 hoirs, voila. One loaf of bread. Kind of worried because the only yeast I could find was brewers yeast. Worked fine as did the all purpose flour.

    Ordered from one 10 pack of #10 cans of powdered eggs and one 10 pack of #10 cans sliced freeze dried beef. Eating better since the quarantine than before.

    What have you tried/changed?


      Milk, bread, eggs & coffee have been the items that decided when we needed to go to the store. We can live without the 1st 3 & when we bought our 1st Kuerig, we tried a bunch of different assorted K-cup paks until we found Folgers Black Silk. We have most of them 'cause we didn't like them, but they'll do in an emergency. Probably got for a month or so. As for groceries, a full pantry, full freezer & two fridge/freezers full should get us past the worst of it.

      Walmart has started limiting number of customers to 20% of store capacity, made isles one way & you enter thru the grocery door & exit the pharmacy door. I'm not going to stand in line to buy groceries. I may try out their on-line shopping & see how that works out. There are some items I want to pick out myself, but they are not "must have" items.

      If that don't work, I drop back 15 yards & punt!
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        My "normal: day is spent around the house these days, my semi-retirement gig was closed down entirely and I am in the stay at home group. We have not had a real huge upsurge in crime yet in the area, but I still carry daily. I have changed over to my Model 60 carried most days.


        I do not feel underamed with the little .357, yet. But I have added a holster to the Gator, and the lawn tractor which will hold the old EAA Witness 10MM that I used in my shooting sports days. And I now have an old SKS in the pole barn with a bandoleer of strippers, just in case.


          Very Nice Lee1959! Love my J-Frames!


            We live in a 12 acre compound in Kentucky about 30 minutes outside Cincinnati.
            Both son and son in law are Leo's.
            all together maybe 50 guns with sufficient ammo.
            There are 11 of us all together. We are becoming more self sufficient every day.
            I'm not a world collapse person. But the late/great MT taught me. These SHTF moments being temporary or long term need to be kept in mind. So we are prepared pretty well.


              Here we are many months later. I haven't really changed anything for this purpose. I still come and go as needed, I do wear a mask, mostly to keep from getting hassled, don't shake hands anymore, and eat in a lot more.
              Defense wise I'm still armed 24/7. Just before the election I loaded up a shotgun and made it handy, but out of sight. When out in my vehicle I stay very aware of what is going on around me (watch the mirrors) while sitting at a stop light and try to keep from being blocked in, roll up slowly to red lights.
              Seldom see police on our cul-de-sac street, but see them patrol around the large park behind the house. The police here are still friendly and courteous unless you are speeding in a school zone. Otherwise traffic enforcement has been nearly non-existent, probably due the officers not wanting to expose themselves any more than necessary.
              Life has changed a little, but probably not as much as we will see in the near future. I think things are going to get real tough soon.
              Sorry looks back.
              Worry looks around.
              Faith looks up.


                I'm done with the second Pfizer vaccine shot. Now waiting for the rest of the family whenever that will be. I still play touch-tag football at Sam's and Costco. Going shooting tomorrow.

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