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The Gun Doctor is always helpful!!!

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    The Gun Doctor is always helpful!!!

    I've contacted The Gun Doctor several times with questions when I'm uncertain if I have a warranty claim or not. The latest was when the slide stop, normally welded inside the fire control chassis (a.k.a. "slide guide"), fell out from the chassis when I removed the assembly pin. He assured me that it was not something to worry about. Here was his lengthy and informing response.

    Originally posted by Wolfgang, The Gun Doctor
    Short answer: the broken tack weld is perfectly acceptable and should not affect either the function or safety of the pistol. The explanation is below if you're interested.

    The part you are referring to is actually a separate piece from the slide guide and is the slide stop. For some reason, it is not even shown in the schematic as far as I can tell. The first time I saw this situation, I thought the same thing - seemed like a cheesy weld for a slide stop, which receives a substantial impact when the pistol is fired.

    Regardless, I contacted the factory about this and was told that the small tack weld was there only to facilitate assembly at the factory. In earlier serial numbers, the slide stop was not even tack welded, but a separate part that would come out when the assembly pin, p/n 40, was removed.

    This next note applies if you take the pistol down further than standard field stripping such as removing the fire control group as you are doing. The assembly pin should be removed from the left side to the right - i.e. punch the pin out from the left side so that the pin comes out of the right side. Remember, if you take the slide guide even partially out of the frame, the assembly pin retainer, p/n 41, is a small part that is easily lost out of the counter bore in the left side of the slide guide. Use a small dab of grease to hold it in place while re-inserting the slide guide into the frame. Once in the frame the retainer is captivated by the frame itself. Although the schematic shows two of these retainers, there is only the one on the left side. The assembly pin has two groves into which the retainer should snap, thus preventing the pin from working its way out when fired. The assembly pin should be inserted from the right side of the frame. It makes no difference which end of the pin goes in first as either of the two grooves will line up w/ the retainer.

    Hope this answers your questions & helps out.

    J.R. "Wolfgang" Sizemore
    The Gun Doctor
    503-429-7342 office
    Please Visit the The Gun Doctor Website
    Kudos and :thumbsup: to The Gun Doctor!
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